EasyFiber modular sound-absorbing panels

EasyFiber is a line of modular sound absorbing panels, with a modern and captivating design thanks to the contrast between the visible internal polyester fiber “black core” and the wide choice of colors of high quality pure virgin wool fabrics, with sound-transparent and fireproof.

EasyFiber sound absorbing panels are available in a large variety of formats that allow the creation of modular geometric compositions with an impactful design: round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, triangular or wave format.

Less is more!

The manufacturing process of EasyFiber acoustic panels is simple and at the same time innovative: it involves the thermal lamination of the polyester fiber, the hot gluing of the fabric and finally the shaping phase through specific cuts to the chosen formats.

With the aim of significantly increasing the sound absorption performances of the materials used, we perform thermolysing operations on the internal material, which improve the sound performance, adding the multidensity component to the polyester fiber. EasyFiber sound absorbing panels therefore offer the best sound absorption performance for this category of products and benefit from the classification in sound absorption class “A” according to the reference standards: ISO 354:2003 e ISO 11654:1998.

The Multidensity treatment also gives the panels the necessary structural rigidity and it allows the elimination of any rigid support, both internally and in the perimeter of the panel, so obtaining ultra-light and safe acoustic panels, entirely made of fireproof materials.

EasyFiber sound absorbing panels are available in different versions:

  • With single-sided covering, for ceiling or wall installation, adhering or suspended.
  • With double-sided covering, for baffles suspended ceiling installation, for more information and photos click here.
  • Without covering, for acoustic treatments and low budget projects, for more information and photos click here.

Ease of installation

Gluing to the wall or ceiling with quick-setting glue or ceiling installation, in a horizontal position, with mounting kit with nylon cables.


We have a wide choice of 60 colors of made in Italy fabrics, in pure 100% virgin wool or in a mix of 75% wool and 25% polyamide (fireproof class 1 IM).

The covering in Trevira CS® fabric, 100% polyester (class 1 – B-s1, d0) is available.

Internal material available in black, white and grey.

Formats and standard sizes

600 x 600 mm; 700 x 700 mm; 800 x 800 mm; 300 x 1200 mm; 400 x 1200 mm; 600 x 1200 mm; 400/240 x 1200 mm; diameter 700 mm; hexagon side 350 mm/570 mm; triangle side 800 mm.
Thickness 40 mm (tolerance +/- 2 mm).

Technical Characteristics

External coatings

100% pure virgin wool fabric – 75% wool and 25% polyamide fabric – 100% polyester Trevira CS® fabric.
Abrasion resistance:> 50,000 Martindale cycles (± 20%)
Light resistance: EN ISO 105-B02-5
Friction resistance: EN ISO 105-X12 – Wet 4/5 – Sec 5
Flammability: 1 IM UNI 9175 – EN 1021-1: 2006 – EN 1021-2: 2006 – TB 117: 2013 – IMO
Treatments: hydro-oil repellent.

Internal sound-absorbing material

100% polyester fiber (PET), average density 45 kg / m3, Multidensity thermolysis treatment. Available in black, white and grey.

General characteristics

Resistant to chemical agents (acids, salts, hydrocarbons), fungi, bacteria and microorganisms, waterproof, non-rotting, odorless. Not dangerous substance according to D.M. 02/12/93.
Flammability: UNI EN 13501-1: 2009 B-s2, d0 – it does not emit opaque or toxic fumes (ANFOR F1 16-101).
Sound absorption class “A” according to the UNI EN ISO 354: 2003 (highly sound absorbing).


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