JustFiber economical acoustic panels

JustFiber acoustic panels represent the ideal solution for schools, canteens, gyms, swimming pools, collective spaces or industrial premises, and for all interior spaces with large or very large rooms, with different hard surfaces, which benefit from a very large number high and need to solve the problem of reverberation in the room with the lowest possible expense.

Starting from this and from the consideration that the acoustic correction of rooms with particularly large volumes needs generous quantities of sound-absorbing materials, we have created JustFiber, a line of economical acoustic panels to be used in all those cases in which the technical performance and the needs of budgets require us to move towards technically high quality products, but of low cost.

It often happens that the value of an object is equivalent to and directly depends on its aesthetic value and on the processing to which it has been subjected, but this does not happen, however, in the field of sound absorption, where the price and the aesthetic finish of a material are not directly proportional to its acoustic performance. In fact, an acoustic panel can offer a high technical performance and a pleasant aesthetic appearance, even though it has not undergone a particular cutting-edge finishing process.

JustFiber acoustic panels are made of heat-bound, recycled and recyclable polyester fiber that does not contain artificial glass fibers or other pulverizable particles, not even formaldehyde and is not made with polyurethane or melamine foams.

The heat-bonded polyester fiber is a fireproof material (B, s1-d0), waterproof and resistant in environments with high humidity such as saunas and swimming pools.

From the construction point of view, thanks to the compactness and initial density of the polyester fiber and the subsequent external thermolysing operation, we obtain a semi-rigid product with a thickness of 40 mm, which can be directly glued to the wall or ceiling, or suspended from the ceiling horizontally or vertically in baffles mode, for more information and photos click here.

Economical acoustic panels, but funny!

JustFiber sound-absorbing panels are available in ice white, medium grey mélange or black. The edges and corners of the panels are made with mechanical cutting. JustFiber panels are available in a variety of formats: rectangular, square, triangular, round, hexagonal or wavy.


Formats and standard sizes

600 x 600 mm; 700 x 700 mm; 800 x 800 mm; 300 x 1200 mm; 400 x 1200 mm; 600 x 1200 mm; 400/240 x 1200 mm; diameter 700 mm; hexagon side 350 mm/570 mm; triangle side 800 mm.
Thickness 40 mm (tolerance +/- 2 mm).

Sound absorbing material

100% polyester fiber (PET), average density 45 kg / m3, Multidensity thermolysis treatment. Available in black, white and grey.

General characteristics: Resistant to chemical agents (acids, salts, hydrocarbons), fungi, bacteria and microorganisms, waterproof, non-rotting, odorless. Not dangerous substance according to the D.M. 02/12/93.

Flammability: UNI EN 13501-1: 2009 B-s2, d0 – It does not emit opaque or toxic fumes (ANFOR F1 16-101).

Sound absorption class “A” according to UNI EN ISO 354: 2003 (highly sound absorbing).


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