Acoustic solutions and soundproofing panels for public spaces

Collective public spaces are linked to the urban environment and are formed by all the places intended to accommodate a large number of individuals in a single closed internal space. The enhancement of public spaces is at the center of the challenges for their development and their service to users, in order to transform them into meeting places of conviviality, pleasant to frequent, where the environmental comfort and reception conditions of users are taken into account.

Examples include auditoriums, conference rooms, meeting rooms, cinemas and theaters, places of worship, waiting rooms, sports facilities, swimming pools, canteens and areas for catering, all large spaces where the insertion of soundproofing panels fulfills a function of first importance, that of making these spacious environments dedicated to meeting many people more liveable.

From an architectural point of view, one of the main characteristics of these spaces concerns their considerable dimensions, both in planimetric and volumetric terms, as well as their interior layout, almost always of the open space type.

These dimensional characteristics, associated with the presence of interior equipment using reflective materials and surfaces, make these places generally uncomfortable and not very welcoming from an acoustic point of view, if they are not adequately treated by technical solutions aimed at limiting the uncontrolled propagation of sound waves. The installation of soundproofing panels on the wall or on the ceiling, in order to neutralize the excessive reverberation, thus makes it possible to control the echo that is generated in these places.

This architectural configuration, in fact, generates an unfavorable acoustic environment, where the noise of each sound source is added to the others and is amplified under the effects of the reverberation phenomenon, that is to say of the multiple reflections generated by all surfaces.

Acoustic Lab has a wide range of soundproofing panels in fabric or wood, for the acoustic treatment of large spaces, with different types of standard and customized solutions, which are able to integrate harmoniously into the existing architectural context.

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