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Soundproof office booth in Barcelona

The BUSYPOD soundproof office booth has been installed in the Talenom headquarters in Barcelona to offer employees a private and silent place where they can make private calls or confidential business negotiations.

Acoustic booths currently play a fundamental role in professional environments. Their sound-absorbing properties and their modern style make them an increasingly sought-after product in contemporary offices, and beyond.

Their success is mainly due to three reasons:

– diffusion of shared areas;
– reduction of noise pollution in offices;
– workers’ need for privacy and concentration.

Nowadays, space sharing in offices is a fundamental requirement and, if on the one hand it facilitates work and internal communication, on the other, for the same reason, it objectively reduces people’s privacy and concentration.

The soundproof office booth solves this dilemma without breaking any proven spatial scheme. In fact, they represent an incredible solution for improving acoustic comfort in environments and a place where employees can find their privacy, concentrate before a presentation or carry out important negotiations.

These were precisely the reasons that led to the installation of the four BUSYPOD cabins in the Talenom offices in Barcelona.

The BUSYPOD soundproof office booth is very high-performance from an acoustic point of view and reaches up to a level of 38 dB, thanks to the coupling of two wooden panels with rock wool inside them and thanks to the internal wall coverings in felt antibacterial and ecological Feltouch which ensure speech intelligibility.

It also has a modern and minimalist design that enriches the space in which it is inserted. The possibility of customizing the various details, from the colors of the walls to the type of wood of the door frame, up to the internal felt lining, make it suitable for all types of spaces.

For the Talenom headquarters in Barcelona, the walls and handle were chosen in white lacquered wood and the door frame in light wood, thus recalling the style of the environment.

The phone booths have been inserted between the various groups of desks, breaking up and dynamizing a given scheme, as well as obviously improving the acoustic and environmental well-being of the office, the main objective of the intervention achieved in all respects.

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Year: 2023
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Product: BUSYPOD

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