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Acoustic Lab is the development and production platform for acoustic solutions aimed at reducing noise in enclosed spaces to improve acoustic comfort. We are experts in acoustic correction for the office sector, restaurants & catering, education and public spaces.

Noise is inevitable and necessary in everyday life: there can be no meetings without conversations, bottles that open silently or bars without the sound of the coffee machine. Our approach is not oriented to the source of the sound, but to modifying its behavior by creating acoustic windows that allow the sound waves to leave the environment, instead of continuing to reverberate for a long time within the space.

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Wurth, Barcelona
Luiss University Auditorium
Restaurant La Trini
Innovation Group


Tailor Made

Tailored acoustic solutions and customized acoustic panels by Acoustic Lab Our main feature of development and production laboratory of acoustic products takes on its full dimension through the collaboration with...

Public Spaces

Acoustic solutions and soundproofing panels for public spaces Collective public spaces are linked to the urban environment and are formed by all the places intended to accommodate a large number...


Acoustic solutions for the acoustic soundproofing of schools and educational institutions School learning is a delicate process whose outcome depends on many factors, among which the communication skills of teachers...

Professional Audio

Acoustic solutions for soundproofing professional audio environments Before Acoustics became an important issue in the architectural field, professional sound acoustics represented for Acoustic Lab the most recurring field of action....

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