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Soundproofing a recording room with acoustic panels

Soundproofing the recording room of a school

Today, many schools are in structures where attention to acoustics is, in a certain sense, neglected due to problems that are considered more urgent.

This is an error of assessment since taking care of the sound aspect of some areas of a school, such as soundproofing the recording room, affects not only the environmental well-being of the entire school complex, but also, and above all, the attention and participation of each individual student, thus improving their performance.

In the IPSE school of Barcelona, a large structure that accommodates students of all ages, from kindergarten to high school, it was necessary to soundproof the recording room to finally be able to carry out all the various activities and make any recordings in optimal conditions

The critical moment experienced during the pandemic for the whole of 2020 has greatly affected the way of life of everyone and has led to numerous changes also in the school, thus opening up new ways of teaching.

The recording room, in fact, was born from the need to record school events that took place before Covid with the presence of parents and to initiate students to approach audiovisual and multimedia disciplines.

The proximity to the other classrooms and its central location in the corridor caused numerous acoustic problems whenever a music class was started, such as: overlapping of noises and sounds, excessive reverberation, sound dispersion, disturbed listening. All this prevented the correct performance of the lessons and the good performance of the recording tests, also affecting the level of distraction of the students.

In order to partially solve these problems, the JustFiber panels by Acoustic Lab were installed, panels in heat-bound, recycled and recyclable polyester fiber, with a strong sound-absorbing power and aesthetic impact.

The JustFiber panels have performed a real covering function, as they have been applied to the wall and ceiling over the entire surface.

Thanks to their exceptional sound-absorbing capacity, given by the polyester fiber of which they are made, and thanks to the particular aesthetic finish, given by the hexagonal shape and by the alternation of the three colors white, black and gray, an intervention has been obtained that has improved the environment both from an acoustic and an aesthetic point of view.

JustFiber panels are particularly suitable for use in schools and spaces with frequent coming and going of people. They are compact, simple and inexpensive panels, with excellent acoustic properties and original aesthetic characteristics that allow you to choose between different formats and sizes, thus adapting them to any type of environment and style.

The soundproofing of the recording room of the IPSE School of Barcelona is a concrete example of how the insertion of the JustFiber panels have positively affected both the acoustic comfort and the final aesthetic result of the spaces.

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JustFiber, acoustic panels in polyester fiber of Acoustic Lab.


Year: 2021
Location: Barcelone, Spain
Product: JustFiber
Brand: Acoustic Lab

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