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The importance of the office phone booth

The office phone booth is of fundamental importance within a work environment, as it allows you to hold work meetings, make professional and/or private video calls, and finally concentrate on an important work delivery.

Currently most of the professional spaces are large and without any dividing barrier. Everything is focused on sharing which, on the one hand makes communication between colleagues easier, speeding up the company workflow, on the other negatively impacts the concentration and privacy of individual workers.

The office phone booth was created precisely for this reason, to improve the sound quality of the workplace.

In fact, thanks to its structure it allows you to create silent corners suitable for carrying out delicate business negotiations, interviews, video calls and all those activities that require privacy and concentration.

An example of this is the BP Petroleum offices in Milan, an open space where the architect Annalisa Marzorati chose to insert the BUSYPOD phone booths. This resulted in an acoustically high-performance space with a unique design in line with the style of the environment.

Furthermore, two BUSYPOD acoustic cabins were installed: respectively the BUSYPOD for single use equipped with an internal table and seat, and the BUSYPOD Large for 4 people equipped with a table, two sofas and the possibility of installing a screen for any video conferencing.

The BUSYPOD office phone booth stands out for its modern and minimalist design, its solid structure and its acoustic performance.

BUSYPOD phonebooths represent the right balance between aesthetic and technical quality, so as to be suitable for any type of space.

They reach up to 38 dB of acoustic insulation thanks also to the lining of the internal walls in antibacterial and ecological Feltouch felt, one of the aspects that makes them competitive on the market.

Furthermore, BUSYPOD offers the possibility of customizing the finishes according to your needs, therefore allowing you to create your own cabin in the true sense of the word.

For the cabins intended for BP Petroleum, in fact, the architect Annalisa Marzorati chose external walls and handle in black lacquered wood, door frame in light wood and internal wall covering in light gray felt.

This project reveals how increasingly indispensable it is to install an acoustic cabin in your office precisely because of the numerous benefits it brings, including the enhancement of acoustic and environmental well-being.

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Year: 2023
Location: Milan, Italy
Product: BUSYPOD Large

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