Curtis Audiophile Café, Barcelona

Detail of the MicroAcoustic micro perforated wood panel

How to design the acoustics in music clubs and night bars

The acoustics in music clubs and bars has always been a very important issue, as these are public places frequented every day by many people, where it is necessary to be able to offer customers a good level of acoustic comfort that allows them to properly experience a moment of relax.

The Curtis Audiophile Café is a place born and aimed mainly at music lovers, where you can listen to music, experiment as a DJ, buy vintage records or simply to drink a coffee in the company of good background music.

Since this is a space dedicated to the musical genre and thus presenting cutting-edge and refined technical equipment (speakers, headphones, turntables, etc.), it was even more essential to find the correct acoustic condition. It was necessary to identify the most appropriate and coherent treatment in order to be in line with the technical level of the venue, so as to respond to the needs of customers in such a way as to allow them to better enjoy their personal musical experience in all types of conditions.

The acoustic project therefore envisaged the installation of sound-absorbing acoustic panels on the walls and a specific intervention for the DJ booth intended for professionals and non-professionals, where an independent acoustic space was designed thanks to the application of MicroAcoustic micro-perforated wood panels by Acoustic Lab on all walls.

A real wood covering on the external vertical surfaces; a personalized work with great attention to detail and finishes, which allowed it to be acoustically insulated, but, at the same time, to keep the communication between the internal and external spaces alive thanks to the presence of openings on the walls.

This was a so-called invisible acoustic intervention, a highly performing operation from a technical point of view, thanks to the 0.5 mm micro holes on the visible surface of the MicroAcoustic panels, almost invisible to the eyes of the most profane.

what on the other hand was clearly visible to the eye is the refined and elegant appearance of the MicroAcoustic panels and their fine wood finishes that have contributed to adding value to the aesthetics of the room.

The case of Curtis Audiophile Café best represents the theme of acoustics in music clubs ad night bars and demonstrates how a technical intervention can enhance the decorative character of an environment.

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MicroAcoustic, micro-perforated wood panels of Acoustic Lab.

Year: 2020
Location: Curtis Audiophile Café, Barcelona, Spain
Product: MicroAcoustic
Brand: Acoustic Lab 

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