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Acoustic ceiling panels fabric covered white meeting room

The importance of acoustic ceiling panels in a meeting room

Acoustic ceiling panels are an excellent solution to improving the sound level performance of a meeting room.
It is now known how important it is to offer workers a good level of well-being in a work environment, as this directly affects their productivity.

In particular, it is necessary to achieve an ideal acoustic comfort such as to allow anyone to spend their working hours in acoustically favorable conditions.

When we talk about professional places, we are referring not only to offices proper, but also to their connecting spaces, such as corridors and waiting rooms, and above all to meeting rooms.

These assume a fundamental role and, equally fundamental, it is that they have good acoustics inside to offer the right comfort to those who enter them for any briefings, meetings, negotiations and job interviews.

To achieve this, various design alternatives can be thought of, including the application of acoustic ceiling panels, as happened in the meeting room of the Valmont headquarters in Barcelona.

In this project, in fact, the GoodVibes panels, covered in white fabric and installed in adherence to the ceiling, made it possible to correct the acoustics of the room by reducing the incidence of reverberation, thus improving the quality of conversations between people and the diffusion of sounds.

The GoodVibes panels proved to be the most suitable solution, not only for their exceptional acoustic performances, but also for their simplicity and elegance which blended perfectly with the aesthetics of the environment.

The rectangular shape that recalls the geometry of the room, their covering in white Made in Italy fabric and, finally, the internal profile in metal with a straight edge finish have created a real decorative intervention.

The acoustic objective, on the other hand, was achieved thanks to the presence of a polyester fiber layer inside them which allows them to reach class A on the acoustic absorption scale.

The GoodVibes, in fact, work according to the principle of sound absorption by porosity which allows them to intercept even the medium-low frequencies, thus saving in the amount of material to be used.

The GoodVibes acoustic ceiling panels intervened by enhancing the performance of the rooms and increasing the comfort of the meeting room from all points of view.
An investment was therefore made in the acoustic correction of the meeting room which transformed it into an acoustically correct and comfortable place.

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Year: 2023
Location: Valmont offices, Barcelone
Product: GoodVibes
Brand: Acoustic Lab

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