Red sound absorbing customized printed panel

Acoustics and smartworking, a mix between concentration and collaboration

H-Farm is a startup incubator in the field of technological innovation; since its foundation in 2005, the corporate mission has been to lead the digital transformation of companies and produce culture through new educational and business models. H-Farm proposes a model that combines investments, business consultancy and digital-oriented training programs.

Today, the H-Farm campus is the most important innovation hub in Europe, an international hub where students, startuppers, entrepreneurs and professionals “live together and contaminate each other”.

Within the campus there are several work areas and the philosophy could only be that of smartworking: freedom of movement and timetables, individual focus workstations, informal individual workstations, semi-closed meeting areas for 4-6 people, an auditorium for plenary presentations or events with a large turnout of participants.

Acoustics and smartworking have been integrated in the best possible way to achieve the level of comfort that would allow the maximum concentration and performance of young talents, in an ideal place for the exchange of ideas and interaction between people. The acoustic project involved the insertion of customizable acoustic panels, capable of effectively acting on the acoustic correction of the rooms.

Acoustic Lab’s Click printed sound-absorbing panels were installed in the auditorium, equipped with an internal aluminum frame and covered with Trevira CS® fabric printed in high definition, customized with company mottos and written informations. The total material requirement was met with the ceiling installation of JustFiber acoustic panels by Acoustic Lab, made in black polyester fiber.

In the design of the H-Farm campus, acoustics and smartworking were the key elements around which we wanted to create the best environmental conditions to stimulate and thrive interactions between young talents and brilliant minds.

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Click, printed sound-absorbing panels of Acoustic Lab;
JustFiber, acoustic polyester fiber panels of Acoustic Lab.

Year: 2016
Location: Treviso, Italy
Product: Click and JustFiber 
Brand: Acoustic Lab

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