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Wood acoustic ceilings and acoustic wall covering Groovy Acoustic

Wood acoustic ceiling for open space workspaces

In the acoustic and interior design realized for A2A, the leader italian company in the energy, environment, heat and networks sectors, Studio Associato Brusa Pasqué wanted to create a “warm” environment, characterized by the use of natural elements and comfort high acoustic, to meet the needs of the call center and other activities in the open space offices Groovy Acoustic wood acoustic ceiling sound-absorbing panels were therefore used.

In recent years there has been an exponential growth of open space workplaces, in perfect American style, to follow a cutting-edge working philosophy whose cornerstones are sharing, flexibility and versatility of work teams, and also for an increasingly frequent disposition of former factories to be converted into new company spaces.

All this has made it possible, on the one hand, to have large collective work areas, on the other hand it has generated the need to better manage the acoustics of these spaces given the multiple sound sources that coexist in them. A careful intervention aimed at sound absorption and a decrease in reverberation time is essential in open space workplaces, because the general psychophysical well-being depends on that of each worker. Acoustic comfort is one of the primary objectives to achieve when intervening in the design of workspaces with these characteristics, which are also found in coworking spaces or call centers.

Considering the large size of the space to be treated, the open space type configuration and the purpose of call center use, sound-absorbing material was installed on the wall and a wooden false ceiling in order to ensure an optimal acoustic result.

In addition, even from an aesthetic point of view, the choice of a wooden ceiling made the entire space more harmonious and characterized by a pleasant welcoming atmosphere.

Groovy Acoustic false wooden ceiling system stands out for its elegant appearance and for its efficient technical performance, making it suitable for various types of environments and in particular for large work areas. The grooves that draw the surface of the Groovy Acoustic wood ceiling follow different groove patterns, thus satisfying both different tastes on an aesthetic level and different requirements on a technical level.

For more information on Groovy Acoustic wood acoustic ceiling, see the Groovy Acoustic panels page here or contact us via the contact form.

Year: 2018-2019
Location: Milan, Italy
Designer: Studio Associato Brusa Pasqué
Product: Groovy Acoustic
Brand: Acoustic Lab

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