TDK, Malaga

Phone booth for business meetings and videoconference for six people workspace

Phone booth for business meetings in Malaga

The BUSYPOD phone booth for business meetings is a real room where you can hold meetings in presence and remotely.

It is suitable for all offices or professional environments of various types where it is essential to have an isolated space for the various activities that require privacy and silence.

For the TDK headquarters in Malaga, an acoustic solution was required that would allow the hosting, in general, of business meetings, video calls, video conferences and professional presentations. The idea was to recreate a sort of perfectly soundproof place with a contemporary style.

The final objective was not to replace the existing meeting room, but simply to offer an immediate and accessible solution to all employees where they could preserve their privacy and that of their interlocutors. Furthermore, a space that integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment on both an aesthetic and spatial level.

For this reason, the phone booth for business meetings was chosen, the BUSYPOD Large which allows up to 6 people to be accommodated inside.

The uniqueness of this cabin consists in being well equipped and having two sofas inside, a work table and a socket for the possible installation of a screen. It also has a light wood door frame, a white lacquered wood handle and external walls and a light gray felt covering on the internal walls.

The BUSYPOD phone booth for business meetings stands out for its excellent technical properties, which improve the sound quality of spaces, but also for its extraordinary aesthetic qualities which can be customized according to your tastes.

Acoustic booths have come to the rescue of modern workplaces where the spatial concept is increasingly based on the concept of sharing rather than that of subdivision. This automatically leads to the reduction of closed environments and a limited form of privacy.

The cabins have offered companies the possibility of recreating closed and limited environments that interact, at the same time, with the surrounding space, enhancing its decorative character and acoustic aspect.

All this is evident in the project carried out in Malaga exhibited here.

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Year: 2023
Location: Malaga, Spain
Product: BUSYPOD Large

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