GoodVibes acoustic panels

GoodVibes is the first acoustic panel for architecture made by Acoustic Lab, designed to solve reverberation problems in office, restaurant and public spaces in general where a quality and design product is required.

GoodVibes acoustic panels are structurally rational, made with ecological and recyclable 40 mm multidensity polyester fiber, an internal metal or forex frame and upholstery in high quality italian fabrics. For large sizes, the internal frame is necessarily metallic, to ensure the rigidity of the panel and the adequate tension of the fabric.

Thanks to the structural flexibility it is possible to create acoustic panels of special shape and size. GoodVibes is a made in Italy acoustic panel.

Following our particular polyester thermo-smoothing system that creates a variable density of the material, GoodVibes acoustic panels work acoustically according to the principle of sound absorption by porosity associated with the “spring-mass-spring” or “vibrating plate” system. This particular feature allows an effective acoustic correction even at medium-low frequencies, with the consequent saving of the amount of material necessary to achieve the desired comfort level.

GoodVibes sound-absorbing panels can also be equipped with round or square LED lamps, for more information and photos click here.

It is also possible to customize the panels with HD digital printing of high definition images, for more information and photos click here.

For round shaped panels, consult the Lunar sound absorbing panel: more information and photos here.


Internal structure in steel or aluminum or in forex (PVC).
Interior in variable density 50 kg / m³ polyester fiber (fireproof class B s2-d0), developed to increase absorption at medium-low frequencies.
Standard panel thickness of 40 – 80 mm.
GoodVibes acoustic panels are in class “A” of sound absorption according to the reference standards: ISO 354: 2003 and ISO 11654: 1998.


Coverings in different categories of stretch two-way stretch fireproof fabrics, available in a wide variety of colors and patterns:

  • Trevira CS® fabric, 100% polyester (class 1 – B-s1, d0)
  • Ecopolyester fabric, recycled polyester (class 1)
  • Ecopolyester Mélange fabric, recycled polyester (class 1)
  • 75% wool fabric – 25% polyamide (fireproof class 1 IM)

Standard sizes

60 x 60/120/150/180/200 cm
90 x 90/120/150/180 cm
100 x 100/200 cm
120 x 120/180/200/240/250/280/300 cm

Special sizes

It is possible to create acoustic panels of special dimensions and formats, consult us for more information through the contact form.

Technical Characteristics

External coating

Trevira CS® fabric 100% polyester – Fabric 75% wool and 25% polyamide – Ecopolyester fabric, 100% recycled polyester – Ecopolyester Mélange fabric, 100% recycled polyester.
Abrasion resistance:> 50,000 Martindale cycles (± 20%).
Light resistance: EN ISO 105-B02-5.
Friction resistance: EN ISO 105-X12 – Wet 4/5 – Section 5.
Flammability: 1 IM UNI 9175 – EN 1021-1: 2006 – EN 1021-2: 2006 – TB 117: 2013 – IMO.
Treatments: hydro-oil repellent.

Internal polyester fiber certifications


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