Solutions for the acoustic soundproofing of schools and educational places

School learning is a delicate process whose outcome depends on many factors, among which the communication skills of teachers stand out, not to mention the consequences of conditions related to the physical environment on students’ ability to concentrate.

In this sense, the importance of the quality of the acoustic soundproofing of school spaces should be emphasized, since a bad acoustic environment tends to slow down the learning process and performance of pupils and, on the other hand, causes fatigue, stress and physical suffering (tinnitus, voice disturbances) among teachers.

In fact, a poor quality of the acoustic response compromises verbal communication by deteriorating speech intelligibility, which directly reduces the percentage of words heard by the listener, compared to the words spoken by the speaker.

Acoustic Lab has developed for the educational sector a specific range of products with excellent acoustic performance, intended to improve acoustic soundproofing in schools and educational institutions, in compliance with the most demanding safety standards in terms of non-flammability, toxicity and lightness.

The Acoustic Lab panels do not use FAV (artificial glass fibers, glass wool and rock wool), therefore there is no trace of formaldehyde or risk of dispersion in the environment of dust susceptible to being inhaled.

All of our sound-absorbing panels have been designed to help improve acoustic soundproofing in the space to be treated, always according to the volume of the environment.

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