Acoustic solutions and sound absorbing panels for restaurants

One of the main problems that restaurateurs have to face is the excess noise in the dining rooms, which often causes inconvenience to their customers, looking for a pleasant moment, a relaxing break, a professional meeting or a private conversation.

Therefore, the best restaurants are well aware of the importance of acoustic correction in their premises and are aware of how much the acoustic comfort and the quality of the sound environment are of fundamental importance to obtain a positive overall judgment from their customers and therefore receive their general positive evaluation.

After all, specialized sites such as TripAdvisor or The Fork are increasingly publishing comments and ratings on the acoustic comfort of restaurants. A relaxing environment, without noise pollution, which allows for a quiet conversation and good listening quality among customers is, in fact, an essential element to spend some good time at the restaurant.

Acoustic Lab has developed a specific range of products with high acoustic performance for the catering sector. The installation of sound-absorbing panels for restaurants has the effect of decreasing the reverberation time and therefore allows you to control the spread of noise throughout the dining room.

All our sound absorbing panels for restaurants are designed exclusively in polyester fiber and aluminium in order to preserve the quality of the products over time, for easy maintenance and to avoid the impregnation of odors and fumes.

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