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Acoustic ceiling panels for meeting room project

The need to have suitable spaces where to hold meetings or video conferences has become increasingly strong within a company.

The term suitable refers to “equipped” spaces from an acoustic point of view, that is areas in which interventions aimed at acoustic correction have been carried out.

It is of fundamental importance to recreate an acoustically comfortable environment in a company meeting room. The goal, in fact, must be to achieve a good level of acoustic comfort through the absorption of sound disturbances from adjacent rooms.
That allow to hold meetings, video conferences or welcome customers in a quiet environment, where listening and the speech of the participants become the protagonists.

The project we are presenting is an exemplary case of this.
It was realized an acoustic treatment to soundproof the ceiling of a meeting room for 16 participants, in which videoconferences are also often carried out.

The intervention consists in the installation of GoodVibes acoustic ceiling panels with a square shape and special and different thickness (40 mm and 80 mm), fixed with magnets to a metal structure from an existing false ceiling to thus maximize the acoustic correction of the meeting room and soundproof the ceiling by controlling the excessive reverberation of the meeting room.

The introduction of 80 mm thick acoustic panels in addition to the classic 40 mm panels, increase the absorption even at frequencies below the lower threshold of human speech (500 Hz), to be taken into account in environments where microphones are used and speakers like in conferences.

GoodVibes acoustic panels are in class “A” of sound absorption thanks to their internal polyester fiber material developped to increase absorption at medium-low frequencies.

In this project, great attention was also paid to chromatic detail, opting for the choice of a color palette that recalled that of the company brand. The GoodVibes acoustic ceiling panels applied to the square-shaped ceiling with an internal metal structure, in black, red and orange respectively, are distributed along the central part of the ceiling of the room, creating an original geometric design and thus assuming a dual role of furnishing accessories.
This is also due to the recycled polyester fabric covering which gives the panels a simple yet refined look.

For more information on GoodVibes acoustic panels, see the GoodVibes panels page here or contact us via the contact form.

Year: 2019
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Product: GoodVibes acoustic panels

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