Assicurazioni Generali offices, Milan and Trieste

Soundproof a wall with rectangular wall panels

Soundproof a wall in workspaces

In the particular case of the acoustic project for Assicurazioni Generali offices in Milan and Trieste, the environmental acoustic correction study focused on how to soundproof a wall near the work islands.

In fact, the prevalence of plastered or glass walls, floors in marble, ceramic or wood, the large volumes typical of open spaces and the spatial distribution by parallel floors make the buildings uncomfortable and unsuitable places to concentrate during the many hours of a working day. This is caused precisely by the structural, spatial and material characteristics just described that facilitate the continuous reflection of voices, sounds in general and their consequent duration over time.

There are several solutions to make a correct acoustic correction in closed environments with a medium or high echo. The choice of soundproofing a wall was dictated by the objective of eliminating some reflective surfaces (in this case one of the plastered walls) to replace them with other sound-absorbing surfaces which have the purpose of functioning as an acoustic “window”, allowing acoustic waves to according to their length, to “get out” of the room instead of continuing to reflect inside.

In practice, to soundproof a wall we proceed with the application of sound-absorbing panels capable of capturing sound waves and thus dissipating their energy, and on the other hand neutralizing their reflection process on the various surfaces that they would otherwise encounter.

In the case of the Assicurazioni Generali offices, sound-absorbing compositions were applied to the walls made with Acoustic Lab’s GoodVibes acoustic panels in rectangular format, covered in fireproof Trevira CS® fabric in the company’s corporate colors.

Year: 2016
Location: Milan, Trieste, Italy
Product: GoodVibes
Brand: Acoustic Lab

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