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Ceiling sound insulating blu panels in a conference room

Ceiling sound insulating panels and acoustic improvement 

The acoustic improvement project of the multifunction room of the Confindustria branch in Cittadella presented serious difficulties due to the strong reverberation of the room, intended for meetings with a high number of assistants.

In a large multifunction room, numerous sound sources of various nature and frequency come into play, such as the voices of people, noises from adjacent rooms and various background noises that disturb the normal activities that are carried out there.

In fact, these sound emissions, when added together, generate a real acoustic discomfort which significantly affects the environmental well-being which should represent a prerogative in the workplaces.

It was necessary to correct the problems related to the acoustics of the room by installing sound insulating panels on the ceiling, which could best capture and absorb all the sound sources that came into play whenever a meeting with several people took place.

It was therefore decided to apply GoodVibes acoustic panels to the ceiling, due to their high performance in terms of acoustics and their ease of use.

Fixed with nylon cables at various heights to reduce the echo and improve the acoustic comfort of the room, the sound insulating ceiling panels appear suspended over the underlying space, visually lightening the acoustic correction intervention and, at the same time, acting as decorative elements.

The rectangular ceiling soundproofing panels were covered with Trevira CS® fabric in the various shades of blue that usually represent Confindustria in their offline and online materials.

Year: 2014
Location: Cittadella, Padua, Italy
Product: GoodVibes
Brand: Acoustic Lab

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