JustFiber baffles sound-absorbing baffle panels

JustFiber Baffles sound absorbing baffles are the low cost version of EasyFiber Baffle acoustic baffles.
Designed to be inserted in large indoor environments and intended for large-scale installations in gyms, swimming pools, school canteens, schools, collective spaces or industrial premises, JustFiber Baffles sound absorbing baffles allow a very efficient acoustic correction intervention with high performance acoustic and at the same time guarantee the requisites of efficiency and economy for their quality / price ratio.

JustFiber Baffles sound absorbing baffles differ from other acoustic panels by the type of ceiling fixing in baffle mode. This term indicates the installation of ceiling panels in vertical suspension. This particular fixing allows them to obtain an optimal level of sound absorption due to the double exposure of the panel to sound waves and the possibility of inserting a greater number of sound-absorbing baffles compared to the classic wall fixing.

The peculiarity of the JustFiber Baffles panels is that they are offered without covering fabric and entirely made of heat-bound, recycled and recyclable polyester fiber, which does not contain artificial glass fibers or other pulverizable particles, not even formaldehyde and is not made with polyurethane foams or melamine. The edges and corners are made with mechanical cutting. JustFiber Baffles sound absorbing baffles offer the best sound absorption performance for this category of products: they are in class “A” of sound absorption according to the reference standards: ISO 354: 2003 and ISO 11654: 1998.

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Thanks to the compactness and initial density of the polyester fiber and the subsequent thermolysis treatment, we obtain a semi-rigid 40 mm thick panel, which can be directly hung from the ceiling in baffles mode.

This treatment gives JustFiber Baffles the necessary structural rigidity and allows to eliminate any support or rigid element that is reflective, both internally and in the perimeter of the panel, thus ensuring maximum lightness and safety to the panels. The heat-bonded polyester fiber is a fireproof material (B, s1-d0), highly resistant in environments with a lot of humidity such as saunas and swimming pools.

In addition, JustFiber sound absorbing panels can be directly glued to the wall or ceiling, for acoustic treatments and low budget projects. For more information and photos click here.

Ease of installation

Ceiling installation in vertical position, in acoustic baffle mode using the suspension mounting kit with nylon cables.

Standard sizes

600 x 600 mm; 700 x 700 mm; 800 x 800 mm; 300 x 1200 mm; 400 x 1200 mm; 600 x 1200 mm; 400/240 x 1200 mm.
Thickness 40 mm (tolerance +/- 2 mm).


JustFiber Baffles sound absorbing baffles are available in ice white, medium grey mélange or black.

Sound absorbing material

100% polyester fiber (PET), average density 45 kg / m3, Multidensity thermolysis treatment.

General characteristics: Resistant to chemical agents (acids, salts, hydrocarbons), fungi, bacteria and microorganisms, waterproof, non-rotting, odorless. Not dangerous substance according to D.M. 02/12/93.

Flammability: UNI EN 13501-1: 2009 B-s2, d0 – It does not emit opaque or toxic fumes (ANFOR F1 16-101).

Sound absorption class “A” according to UNI EN ISO 354: 2003 (highly sound absorbing).


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