Groovy Acoustic false wooden ceiling and wall covering

When designing indoor environments, both private and public, it is important to be able to give them a recognizable personality and a harmonious appearance. All this becomes even more indispensable when technical needs also come into play, such as responding to sound absorption and acoustic correction requirements.

In these cases, the choice of material acts as the needle of the balance. Wood has always been a material with added value, thanks to its “welcoming” character and is used more and more frequently both as a furnishing material, understood in the broadest sense of the term, and as an acoustic coating.

The Groovy Acoustic wooden false ceiling is, in fact, the suitable covering for those who want to give a strong aesthetic imprint to their architectural interiors and at the same time fulfill the performance requests for acoustic comfort in an efficient way.



Groovy Acoustic slotted wood panels they are ideal for creating acoustic walls, wall coverings or installed as a sound-absorbing wooden false ceiling. The Groovy Acoustic panels are distinguished by the different dimensions of the grooves that draw the surface of the panels, and which allow to obtain different results both from an aesthetic point of view and from a technical point of view.
The acoustic characteristics of Groovy Acoustic slotted wood panels, in fact, vary according to the number and size of the grooves present on the surface, making it a highly versatile product both as a wooden false ceiling and as a wall covering, responding optimally to the different levels of sound absorption required.
This versatility is also reflected in the decorative aspect: the different groove patterns satisfy the most varied aesthetic needs since they allow you to customize the panels according to your taste, while always maintaining a refined profile design.
Groovy Acoustic panels are perfectly suited to various types of spaces, such as large work areas, open spaces, restaurants, auditoriums, concert halls, theaters, university classrooms, all those indoor environments in which meeting the criteria of acoustic comfort has become now indispensable.

Mounting system

Groovy Acoustic acoustic panels can be installed on the wall and as a wooden ceiling. Depending on the type of fixing, the mounting systems can be inspectable and not inspectable.

  • wall: mounting profiles made of extruded aluminum (Tecalum) are used. The edges of the panels are mechanized for visible, invisible and adjustable fixing to the mounting profiles (system cannot be inspectable).
  • Ceiling: we adapt Groovy Acoustic panels to all existing fastening systems and profiles on the market. Modular mounting profiles type T24 made of steel are used. The edges of the panels are mechanized for inspectable, semi-invisible or invisible fastening.

For an optimal sound absorption coefficient in class “A” it is necessary to provide a space of at least 30/40 mm between the wall and the back of the panels and insert mineral or polyester fiber with a density of 30-40 kg / m3.

Customization of the milling of the wooden panels

The most used formats are the grooves with a diameter between 5 and 8 mm, a width of 60 mm and a distance between centers of 20 or 40 mm.

Each panel can be worked integrally or partially, leaving central or peripheral “blind” areas. It is possible to carry out special milling or mechanization to integrate the systems.

We also offer other wooden acoustic panels:

  • drill Acoustic, perforated wood panels, for more information and photos click here;
  • micro Acoustic, micro-perforated wood panels, for more information and photos click here;
  • acoustic Blade, milled wood panels, for more information and photos click here.

Materials and finishes

Groovy Acoustic acoustic panels are made of standard or fireproof MDF wood fiber. The surface finishes of the panels are available in a wide range of natural wood veneers, painted or lacquered in RAL or NCS, in melamine.

The panels can also be made of mass-colored MDF or plywood.

We have a series of accessories to improve the finishes of the installations (decorative panels, skirting boards, corners, profiles and finishing edges, etc.).

Standard sizes

Groovy Acoustic acoustic panels of 2400 x 1200 mm, 2400 x 600 mm, 1200 x 300 mm, 600 x 600 mm, thickness of 16 mm.


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