Integrated Acoustics into project process

Acoustics is traditionally associated to theatre, auditorium, music halls, where high audio performances are requested, where everything can be measured and each project aspect can be controlled and defined by technical instruments.

Over time, many things have certainly changed and the general concepts of applied Acoustics have extended their application to every area of our daily life, from architecture to furnishing, from interior design to automotive, naval and aviation, thanks also to the birth of acoustic products that are both technical and aesthetic, such as sound-absorbing design panels.

The concepts of sound-proofing, acoustic insulation, reverberation and sound-absorption are diffused among engineers and architects and it is becoming, day by day, a popular and important topic.

Today the design of a space or architecture, where people will spend their time, has to consider the acoustic factors and guarantee an acoustic comfort into the environment.

However, it is still common found acoustic problems in existing building, ancient and new.

Sound absorbing design panels in acoustic project

Design combined with Acoustics

Combine Acoustics and design means to find a balance between acoustic performances and aesthetics results. That’s why different skills are required to develop a product that consider both the features of the materials used for acoustic treatments, their potential and limitations, and that has specific acoustic characteristics.

In these years Acoustic Lab has developed many competencies in this field, transforming its design-oriented approach into its trademark, a sign recognizable into all its products and projects.

The detailed knowledge of materials, acoustic performances and industrial manufacturing processes let us to work as a partner with designers and companies by integrating the acoustic component into the development of each new project.


Sound absorbing design panels in office project