Soundproof phone booth for one person BUSYPOD Plus

The soundproof phone booth for one person BUSYPOD Plus improves the well-being of employees and the quality of their work in the office.

A soundproof cabin is designed to acoustically isolate the internal space from noise coming from the external environment. This is achieved through the combination of various materials that reduce and absorb sound waves and a carefully thought-out design.
In modern working environments, employee comfort and productivity are fundamental factors for the success of the company itself.

The advantages of a soundproof office phone booth are:

  • reduction of external noise;
  • greater privacy;
  • increase in worker productivity and consequently company productivity;
  • employee well-being.

The soundproof phone booth for one person is fundamental within a modern work environment as it offers employees a place to carry out their activities without being disturbed by frequent noises and, at the same time, a private area where they can carry out activities in total privacy and discretion, private calls and important business video conferences. Furthermore, it represents a space where you can find a bit of silence in everyday life and where you can preserve your mental well-being within an office, thus enhancing productivity.

The acoustic insulation of the BUSYPOD Plus cabin reaches up to a level of 38 dB, thanks to the coupling of two wooden panels with rock wool inside them and the internal wall coverings in antibacterial and ecological Feltouch felt which ensure intelligibility of speech.

BUSYPOD Plus is the “advanced” version of the BUSYPOD Office Booth, thanks to the presence inside of a work table for one person and the possibility of adding a chair for an even more comfortable condition.

It has a minimalist design that integrates it harmoniously with the surrounding environment. All this is also enhanced by the fact that it is possible to customize its various components. In fact, you can customize the colors of the lacquered metal foil coverings of the external walls, the wooden finishes of the table and the door frame, and finally, the colors of the internal coverings and the stool.

Like all BUSYPOD phone booths, it is extremely simple to install even without the help of specialized labor. It is also equipped with small invisible wheels that allow it to be moved and moved without problems.

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Sizes and technical characteristics

External dimensions: W101,9 x D101,9 x H226,3 cm
BUSYPOD Medium Work
External dimensions: W160,7 x D130 x H226,3 cm
BUSYPOD Medium Meet
External dimensions: W160,7 x D130 x H226,3 cm
External dimensions: W210,7 x D130 x H226,3 cm
External dimensions: W210,7 x D226,3 x H226,3 cm

Sound absorption: up to 38 dB
Continuous ventilation
Internal walls: in antibacterial and ecological Feltouch felt available in 5 different colors
External walls: painted metal sheet coating with static paint in many different RAL colours
Floor: carpet
Door frame: available in various essences of natural wood (oak, pine, walnut) or lacquered in infinite RAL colours
All materials are no-flammable.

Included accessories and optional

1 – Led ceiling light
2 – Ventilation
3 – Laminated glass with acoustic control
4 – Door with wood frame
5 – Matt black or white handle
6 – Rear wall in acoustic laminated glass
7 – Side panels in acoustic, antibacterial and ecological felt
8 – Removable acoustic carpet

9 – Busy light indicator
10 – Ergonomic and personalized table
11 – Adjustable stool
12 – Coat hanger
13 – Coloured door and frame
14 – Coloured external walls (with static paint)
15 – Rear wall in felt panel
16 – Electric socket, USB, data line, wireless battery charger
17 – Invisible wheels
18 – Fire extinguishing system and sprinkler systems
19 – Door lock
20 – Screen (20-22 inch)
21 – Wheelchair ramp


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