The BUSYPOD Large phone booth

What is meant by large phone booth?
We mean an environment specifically designed to isolate sound, which is retained inside and not allowing other sounds and noises from outside to enter.

The large phone booth was created as a natural continuation of the open-plan work spaces. In modern offices the environment is, most of the time, shared, and this leads to the need to recreate areas of total privacy where you can carry out calls, have business meetings, even just discuss or concentrate on an important delivery.

Thus, large phone booths were born which have gradually replaced meeting rooms in offices, offering pleasant places from a spatial and aesthetic point of view, performing well from an acoustic point of view.

Also in the BUSYPOD cabins collection we find the section dedicated to this type of cabin, made up of three types different in size and capacity.

They all stand out for their excellent acoustic insulation, for the high-tech material used, for the eco-compatible production process and for the possibility of moving them easily from one place to another thanks to the presence of four invisible wheels at the base.

The large phone booth of BUSYPOD are accessible spaces designed from an acoustic point of view to allow various group or solo activities to be carried out inside them in the most efficient and private way.

Furthermore, thanks to the integrated technological systems, it is possible to create video conferences and calls within them in a comfortable and professional manner.

Among these we find:

BUSYPOD Large 2, a work area for short or long meetings for two people, even via video conference.
BUSYPOD Large 4, suitable for holding meetings and video conferences for up to four people.
BUSYPOD XLarge Work & Meeting Pods, designed for meetings and video conferences for six to eight people around a large table and a screen visible to all positioned at the bottom.

All BUSYPOD products, in addition to their excellent acoustic characteristics, stand out for their attractive design which can be customized in colors and finishes according to your taste and for the fact that they are extremely simple to install even without using specialized labor.


Sizes and technical characteristics

External dimensions: W 210,7 x D 101,9 x H 226,3 cm

External dimensions: W 210,7 x D 130 x H 226,3 cm

BUSYPOD XLarge Work & Meeting Pods
External dimensions: W 280 x D 262,3 x H 226,3 cm

Sound absorption: up to 38 dB
Continuous ventilation Internal walls: in antibacterial and ecological Feltouch felt available in 5 different colours
External walls: lacquered metal foil covering in infinite RAL colours
Floor: carpet
Door frame: available in various natural wood essences (oak, pine, walnut) or lacquered in infinite RAL colors

All materials are non-flammable.


Included accessories and optional

1 – Led ceiling light
2 – Ventilation
3 – Laminated glass with acoustic control
4 – Door with wood frame
5 – Matt black or white handle
6 – Rear wall in acoustic laminated glass
7 – Side panels in acoustic, antibacterial and ecological felt
8 – Removable acoustic carpet

9 – Busy light indicator
10 – Ergonomic and personalized table
11 – Adjustable stool
12 – Coat hanger
13 – Coloured door and frame
14 – Coloured external walls (with static paint)
15 – Rear wall in felt panel
16 – Electric socket, USB, data line, wireless battery charger
17 – Invisible wheels
18 – Fire extinguishing system and sprinkler systems
19 – Door lock
20 – Screen (20-22 inch)
21 – Wheelchair ramp


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