Simplify, then add lightness.
(Colin Chapman)

Acoustic sound-absorbing panels ACOUSTICLAB™

ACOUSTICLAB™ handles production and trading of a wide range of sound absorbing panels for the acoustic treatment of any architectural environment and hi-tech acoustic panels for the realization of musical and audio settings.
ACOUSTICLAB™ acoustic panels join high acoustic performances with design, creating fancy decorative elements, that can add extra aesthetic value to each treated environment, with surprising ornamental effects. In our wide catalogue of sound absorbing panels it is possible to choose from many combinations of materials, shapes, textures and colors, with standard or tailor-made solutions, to realize any kind of acoustic and aesthetic installations.
Architects and designers have a professional operative tool now, to improve, with style and proficiency, the acoustic comfort in offices, restaurants, schools, auditorium or any kind of collective spaces.

Acoustic panel

sound absorbing panels

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