BuzziTile: 3D and Flat adhesive sound-absorbing panels

The BuzziTile 3D and BuzziTile Flat adhesive sound-absorbing panels transform any anonymous environment into an acoustically correct and personalized environment, thanks to the numerous 3D textures and coverings of the BuzziSpace and Kvadrat collections, through which shapes and colors can be combined for an incomparable effect and a touch architectural.

BuzziTile show to be an eclectic product, where acoustic performances are combined with aesthetic qualities, enriching the interior spaces of public and private environments.

The BuzziTile adhesive sound-absorbing panels give life to real design compositions thanks to the numerous colors, shapes and textures available.

Their three-dimensional design and their material effect refer to images of the natural world and give dynamism to the two-dimensional surfaces of the walls.

Their motifs and their three-dimensional processing, in addition to offering an impactful and cutting-edge result from an aesthetic point of view, contribute to the improvement of acoustic comfort by adding a diffractive effect to the classic absorption by porosity.

The BuzziTile 3D and Flat panels are an optimal solution for all those interior spaces where an acoustic intervention is necessary, which not only performs a purely technical function, but which simultaneously affects the design of the environments in which they are installed, embellishing the style and the aesthetic character.
Their structure is characterized by a core in ecological and recycled polyester felt, covered with fabrics from the BuzziSpace and Kvadrat collections.
BuzziTiles are designed by Sas Adriaenssens and are available in 3D or Flat version, based on the presence or absence of dimensional textures on the surface and are available in the following shapes and models:

BuzziTile Square L/XL, BuzziTile Metro, BuzziTile Hexa, BuzziTile Penta, BuzziTile Triangle L/XL;

4SQ, 16SQ, Arrow, Bee, Dune, Frost, Leaf, Rib, Spike, Waffle.

Ease of installation

The installation of BuzziTile 3D and Flat on the wall is extremely easy and can be applied to virtually any smooth surface, on the wall, on a wardrobe, a door, etc.

Two fixing systems are available based on the finish of the rear side of the panel:

– self-adhesive film, when the back side is made of felt;
– magnets with a high degree of power, when the back side has a wooden structure on felt.


The fabric coverings available for BuzziTile 3D or Flat panels belong to the BuzziSpace and Kvadrat collections and are classified into the following categories:

CAT A: BuzziFabric, Trevira CS, Trevira CS+, Kvadrat Revive 1-2
CAT B: Kvadrat Clara 2, Kvadrat Remix 3, BuzziVelvet
CAT C: Kvadrat Hero
CAT D: Kvadrat Tonus 4
CAT E: Kvadrat Memory 2

It is also possible to choose whether the final stitchings of the panel are visible or hidden.

Formats and standard sizes

BuzziTile Square L
W 60 cm x H 60 cm
thickness min 0,7 cm / max 2,5 cm (3D)
min 0,7 cm / max 3 cm (Flat)

BuzziTile Square XL
W 120 cm x H 120 cm
thickness min 0,7 cm / max 2,5 cm (3D)
min 0,7 cm / max 3 cm (Flat)

BuzziTile Metro
W 80 cm x H 40 cm
thickness min 0,7 cm / max 2,6 cm (3D)

BuzziTile Hexa
W 60 cm x H 69,3 cm
thickness min 0,7 cm / max 2,6 cm (3D)

BuzziTile Penta
W 63 cm x H 60 cm
thickness min 0,7 cm / max 2,6 cm (3D)

BuzziTile Triangle L
W 60 cm x H 52 cm
thickness min 0,7 cm / max 2,5 cm (3D)
min 0,7 cm / max 3 cm (Flat)

BuzziTile Triangle XL
W 120 cm x H 104 cm
thickness min 0,7 cm / max 2,5 cm (3D)
min 0,7 cm / max 3 cm (Flat)

Technical Characteristics

– Acoustic foam panel.

– Covering with the fabrics of the BuzziSpace and Kvadrat collections.

– Rear anchoring element (adhesive film or powermagnets).


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