BuzziBrickBack: felt wall covering

BuzziBrickBack is a felt wall covering with a unique, self-adhesive look and excellent acoustic and aesthetic qualities.
It is made through the union of various BuzziFelt ecological polyester felt strips, of the same color, of two different colors or of several different colors, thus offering the possibility to choose between numerous types of single-color, two-color and multi-color finishes.

BuzziBrickBack also comes in two different versions based on the direction of the strips, horizontal or vertical.
This felt wall covering becomes a sound-absorbing surface that can also be used for posters and to pin down memos, notes, photos and inspiration.

Furthermore, it transforms the walls on which it is applied into real acoustic walls thanks to the excellent absorption capacity, especially of the speech frequencies, thus proving to be suitable for all those work spaces, and not, which require acoustic solutions that are at the same time decorative solutions.

BuzziBrickBack is not, in fact, just a simple wall covering, efficient from a technical point of view, but it is also a design piece of furniture with extraordinary and original aesthetic qualities, which add value to the interiors.

The wide range of colors, finishes and the double version of the play of lines, horizontally or vertically, offer numerous choices, adapting to any type of area and making the spaces more lively and dynamic.

The BuzziBrickBack felt wall covering is easy to install thanks to the self-adhesive film on the back side and is ordered by the centimeter, in the preferred size and color mix.
The BuzziBrickBack felt wall covering is suitable for those looking for a solution that combines sound absorption and stylistic research. BuzziBrickBack is made by joining the BuzziFelt felt strips, of the same color, of two different colors or of various colors.

It is the suitable alternative to give vitality and originality to the most varied interior environments, such as work spaces, accommodation facilities, recreational areas and homes, while at the same time solving the acoustic problems related to the reverberation of medium-high frequencies, especially speech.

It is also available in the new BuzziBrickBack Architectural version, resulting in an architectural and sound-absorbing wall covering, available in two monochromatic colors, with a play of contrasting vertical or horizontal lines, which allows you to renovate empty walls in your home or office. It is certainly the simple and ideal solution to revive corners and edges with a pinch of creativity!



Ease of installation

BuzziBrickBack and BuzziBrickBack Architectural are easy to assemble thanks to the self-adhesive film on the back.


BuzziBrickBack and BuzziBrickBack Architectural are made thanks to the union of numerous strips of ecological and recycled BuzziFelt polyester felt: while in the first case it is available in the one-color, two-color and multicolored version according to the 12 colors of the BuzziFelt range, in the second case it is possible to choose only between two monochromatic colors Anthracite and OffWhite.
Furthermore, in both cases, there are two models available based on the orientation of the strips, ie horizontal or vertical.

N.B.: There is no break in continuity if two panels of the same color are placed side by side (both single-color, two-color, and multicolored). Each panel is a unique piece and it is not possible for there to be chromatic continuity between one panel and another.

Standard sizes

BuzziBrickBack Horizontal / BuzziBrickBack Architectural Horizontal
Max. H 120 cm x W 200 cm
Min. H 40 cm x W 80 cm
Tolerance 0,6 cm
Thickness: ±1,4 cm

BuzziBrickBack Vertical / BuzziBrickBack Architectural Vertical
Max. H 200 cm x W 120 cm
Min. H 80 cm x W 40 cm
Tolerance 0,6 cm
Thickness: ±1,4 cm

Technical Characteristics

Composition: 100% Recycled P.E.T. Felt, latex backing
Weight: 1.000 g/m2 | 29.49 oz/yd2
Abrasion resistance >7.000 Martindale
Flammability EU: EN 13501.1 + A1/2009 Class B-s1,d0
USA: ASTM E84 Class A certified
Fastness to light USA 5


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