Modis, Milan

Round and colored sound absorbing poufs for an office

The use of acoustic dividers for office in open space workspaces

The new concept of the Modis offices, inside the Metro Complex headquarters of the Adecco Group, was designed by Studio Moscheni in Milan.
The new building, structured on 4 floors, houses the various brands of the Adecco Group.

On the ground floor are the reception and a common reception area, from which you can see the areas dedicated to interviews, each identified by the distinctive elements and corporate colors of the various Group companies.

For the characterization of these box-areas, where real job interviews take place, it was decided to divide them and make them recognizable through acoustic dividers for office covered with BuzziSkin recycled polyester felt by BuzziSpace, an ideal solution, in terms of acoustic comfort, also for meeting areas and open space offices.

Thanks to the double-sided adhesive on the back, BuzziSkin can be easily applied to the back of wardrobe and any smooth surface, as well as to the wall.

The BuzziSkin recycled polyester felt covering of the acoustic dividers for office is a good solution for the absorption of high and medium-low frequencies and its installation is easy, fast and dry.

Acoustic dividers for office, in addition to performing the function of sound-absorbing correctors, have also assumed the role of visual and spatial separators, visually dividing the open space into multiple areas, without having to resort to masonry.

Furthermore, for this project, additional acoustic solutions have been identified to allow the sound absorption of even the lowest frequencies. Particular furnishing elements were thus introduced such as absorbers of medium-low frequencies, such as the BuzziCube 3D and BuzziPouf Round Flat seats-poufs which, not only participated in the purely acoustic project, but also represented an added value from the decorative point of view.

The installation of the BuzziDesk sound-absorbing desk dividers also contributed to this, again in recycled polyester felt with an internal wooden frame, suitable for absorbing medium-high frequencies and to reduce the incidence of noises and sounds from workstations neighbors.

In this acoustic correction intervention, the bright colors of the various acoustic solutions have taken on the role of a real fil rouge, as, on the one hand, they have translated the distinctive values of the company and conveyed its fresh and innovative character; on the other, they have constituted a spatial subdivision tool, a sort of real-time legend.

For more information you can contact us via the contact form or by clicking on the pages of the following products:

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BuzziDesk, desk dividers of BuzziSpace;

BuzziPouf Round Flat, acoustic seatings of BuzziSpace.

BuzziCube, acoustic seatings of BuzziSpace.


Year: 2018
Location: Milan, Italy
Architect: Studio Moscheni
Product: BuzziSkin, BuzziPouf Round Flat, BuzziCube 3D, BuzziDesk
Brand: BuzziSpace

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