Baja, Rome

Acoustic correction of a restaurant with round acoustic ceiling panels

Acoustic correction of a restaurant “on the water”

The Baja of Rome is a unique restaurant of its kind. An ancient barge that once sailed the blond Tiber has been transformed into a beautiful and charming floating restaurant moored on the banks of the capital.

The restaurant’s acoustic correction was necessary, given its particular “skin and bones” structure and its position on the water, thus being part of the renovation project of its interior spaces.

Its glass surfaces that characterized its almost surreal appearance and the bearer of a magic of other times thanks to the contact with water, represented at the same time an obstacle for the comfort and the acoustic well-being of customers.

This involved an intervention of acoustic correction of the restaurant through the installation of acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling and the insertion of self-supporting partitions in the rooms.

It was not just a pure and simple technical intervention to reduce acoustic reverberation, but also a real design operation whose aim was to enhance the style of the place and keep its particular role alive at the territorial level.

To do this, BuzziSpace products were chosen such as the BuzziLand panels suspended from the ceiling and the BuzziCactus self-supporting dividers for indoor environments.

The BuzziLand panels and the BuzziCactus are both products that feature a honeycomb cardboard core, acoustic foam padding and a coating that can be chosen from a wide range of fabrics.

They are characterized by their high absorption power which allows a reduction of the specific echo of the interior spaces, and by their unique design, with varied and highly decorative shapes and patterns that give an extra touch to the environments in which they are used.

For the acoustic correction of the Baja restaurant in Rome, BuzziLand white sound-absorbing panels to be suspended from the ceiling were chosen. With their round shapes and their three different patterns, Flat, Rib and Drop alternate between them and embellish the atmosphere and the character of the place.

In addition, the inclusion of the two acoustic dividers BuzziCactus Gringo and BuzziCactus Taco, in addition to helping to achieve better acoustic comfort, has revived and brightened the character of the rooms.

It was therefore an intervention that improved the experience of future guests both from a technical point of view and from a purely decorative point of view. In fact, the excellent sound absorption capacity has made it possible to attenuate the intensity of the frequencies coming from the overlapping of several sounds, such as the chatter of customers and all those typical restaurants noises. On the other hand, the undisputed design of BuzziSpace products has further enhanced the style of this place with a timeless atmosphere.

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BuzziLand, sound-absorbing panels by BuzziSpace;

BuzziCactus, room dividers by BuzziSpace.


Year: 2017
Location: Rome, Italy
Product: BuzziLand sound-absorbing panels and room dividers BuzziCactus
Brand: BuzziSpace

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